Sonia Nwabuko

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Sonia Nwabuko

Sonia is a 3rd year student, currently pursuing a degree in Physics.

In the course of her second year, she was a campus ambassador for the organisation WCAN (Women in the City Afro-Caribbean Network), which is a social enterprise dedicated to the professional and personal development of black women. As a campus ambassador, her role included raising awareness of the amazing development opportunities that WCAN provide for students, including mentoring, workshops, networking events, interview training, conferences and much more. This was a role that she was extremely passionate about operating in, because she believes the WCAN offers such a bespoke suite of resources for a group of people who are often overlooked – black women.

Also during her second year, Sonia received spring week offers from Barclays, Deutsche Bank, Rothschild & Co and J.P. Morgan, of which she accepted those from J.P. Morgan and Rothschild & Co. During her spring week at Rothschild, Sonia was able to volunteer with young people from secondary schools local to the surrounding area. Sonia was able to talk to them about their future career aspirations and how they felt about their position to achieving them. It was during this session that Sonia realised her real passion for making young people aware of the opportunities that are available to them, and the myriad of organisations which specialise in providing support for them. Similar to Sonia, it was often the case that these students had no idea such organisations existed. As a result, she planned and organised a trip to her secondary school to deliver a short series of career sessions to the sixth form ACS society and students from the lower school.

In line with her career aspirations, Sonia has also attended insight days at J.P. Morgan, Bloomberg, Deutsche Bank, BlackRock and KPMG. Last summer, she completed a mini summer internship at Barclays Investment Bank, where she will be returning for a full-length internship in the summer of her third year. Investment Banking and technology are sectors Sonia is keen to pursue a career in after university. Eventually she hopes to move into the Energy space, specifically exploring opportunities involving waste to green energy initiatives within Nigeria.

Advice to your younger self:

Everything is temporary. As a result, you owe to yourself not just to position yourself to achieve the best attainable opportunities, but also the permission to take a breather.

Doing what you love makes all the difference when you might not be loving what you are doing at a given instant.