Onyinye Udokporo

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Onyinye Udokporo


Onyinye is a second year student reading Religion, Politics and Society BA.

This year Onyinye was awarded the first ever King’s College London Student of the Year Award for which she is very honoured and humbled. Onyinye has described her time at King’s so far as ‘a blessing’, which she hopes will continue to be filled with wonderful opportunities. She also hopes that she has many more chances to make a positive difference in the King’s Community and beyond. Onyinye runs her own tutoring business for a number of years and it is going from strength to strength. For her, it is extremely encouraging to see young people grow confident in their abilities and find what their passion is.

Whilst being at King’s she has used the skills she gained from the above activities in her roles as Vice President of the Theology and Religious Studies Society and Assistant Director of Communications for the King’s Think Tank. One of the achievements that Onyinye is most proud of is the co-founding and project management role she took up for the My Mind Matters Too Campaign that she is running with Meg Wamithi. This campaign focuses on Mental Health Issues for young people in the age bracket of 18 – 25. She hopes that through this campaign she will be able to add to the conversation on this matter and make long lasting changes at a national level.

A matter that is close to Onyinye’s heart is social mobility and she has worked on various projects with the City of London Corporation. She is working on new ventures which she hopes will be up and running in September 2018. Onyinye hopes that we will soon live in a world where no matter one’s socio-economic background they will be able to attend university and break social barriers which will enable them to be exposed to different opportunities.

Advice to my younger self: be unapologetic about her strengths and abilities. Always trust in herself and be confident in her skills. Stay true to herself and humble about any and all achievements.