Head of Events


Head of Events:

• Leader of and responsible for the Events Team

• Delegate tasks to Events Officers to plan out events, especially for 1st semester

• Accountable to President and VP for events.

• Regularly update and communicate relevant information to President and VP about upcoming events

• Provide descriptions of each event to publicity and secretary for event pages and emails

• Leader of and responsible for the Events Team; together plan and execute every single ACS event. Deal with emergency situations at events

• Events calendar with dates for semester one to be planned in summer. (Black History month an average of two events per week).

• Excellent organisation and communication skills

* Director of Culture Shock 2021 (CS21):

• THE SHOW IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY and the role will be taken away if there is failure to plan properly.

• Script and rehearsal schedule should be finalised by the end of Term 1. If it has not been written then you will need to write it.

• You will be expected to attend most Culture Shock rehearsals to give regular feedback

• You will be expected to be in contact with all the choreo’

• You will be expected to learn and understand all the logistics involved with putting on a show


Candidate 1: Ebun

Candidate 2: Alpine Umutoni

Candidate 3: Chinaza

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