Emmanuella Togun

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Emmanuella Togun

Ella Togun is a Global health postgraduate student on the King’s Centre for Global Health’s M.Sc program.

She is an emerging global health young leader and passionate advocate for education, gender equality and the eradication of poverty and preventable diseases. Her extensive volunteering and participation in various health and education causes in Nigeria kindled her interest to pursue graduate studies and research in global health, in order to enhance her capacity to expertly address the challenges of health systems, governance and policy questions in low- and middle-income countries.  In the course of graduate studies at King’s, Ella beamed her attention on the transformative power of participatory action research techniques, which culminated in an exciting photovoice study of health-related challenges in rural Malawi.

As an avid believer in the reformative potential of education and having just completed her undergraduate studies in Cell Biology and Genetics, Ella enlisted for a year as a Biology teacher in an underserved community school in Northern Nigeria. Her passion for teaching and the use of innovative pedagogical techniques immediately yielded increased student participation and performance which earned her commendations by staff and students.
Ella takes pride in being well rounded as her many layers do not stop her from doing things she enjoys. She believes balance is key for mental health and wellbeing. For leisure, she enjoys travel, cross-continental cooking, card and board games, writing, hackathons, gym attempts, keeping up to date with technology trends, painting, volunteering, hosting intimate events and time with friends and family. She is an entrepreneur and currently runs a footwear line, the 1403 brand. She has had the privilege to run a perfume line and a makeup artistry brand, where she attracted a clientele that comprised top celebrities and socialites.

She serves as the training officer for a student-led global health think tank, POLYGEIA, where she has organized online and offline research training sessions for over 75 student researchers in the London branch. She is also a member of a POLYGEIA research team focused on studying emerging infectious diseases and vaccine hesitancy. She also serves as a ONE Campaign youth ambassador, working collaboratively with other youth ambassadors to lobby on high-level development decisions, on a local and global scale. 

Ella wants to live in a world where everyone, especially black women and other marginalized groups have all they need to live a healthy and full life, free to dream and achieve. She believes strongly in paying it forward, insisting everyone no matter their level has something they can offer or teach someone else. She continues to share her experiences, lessons and life hacks via social media, personal and public blogs, and as a speaker and teen mentor.

She is excited to keep evolving, hoping to break glass ceilings and build a successful career in consulting and health systems, and live an adventure-filled life.